Warranties and Guarantees

1. Guarantee

  • We guarantee that the Glamour Sisters products you receive are of high quality. Bear in mind that the guarantee does not apply to damaged products due to user neglect. The guarantee does not apply to customers who did not follow instructions set for the products found on our FAQ page.
  • When you have acquired the products from other places than Glamour Sisters or approved resellers by the Glamour Sisters, you must return the products to the location where you’ve bought them.

2. Warranty

  • The Glamour Sisters warranty covers all physical products which you have purchased from Glamour Sisters shop/online shop. Our warranty covers any type of defects found in the material or the workmanship only in normal usage. This is applicable throughout the warranty period only.
  • The warranty period of Glamour Sisters products is 21 days counting from the date of purchase. The replaced or repaired goods will assume the remaining days of the original product 21 days from the date of purchase or whichever is longer.
  • Glamour Sisters doesn’t cover damage inflicted by improper use of the goods, or any malfunctions, conditions that are not the result of workmanship or material.

3. Returns

  • Upon inspection and recognition of the defects:

i. Glamour Sisters will replace or repair the products at no charge. Given that the defective parts were damaged due to improper workmanship and under normal usage.

ii. We will cover all defective parts. Given that the defective parts were damaged due to improper workmanship and under normal usage.

iii. Glamour Sisters will replace or repair the defective goods at no charge. Given that these goods are proven to be defective under our coverage policy.

  • Once you find that you have received damaged goods, please contact us immediately. We will determine if the goods are subject to our warranty policy. After finding the problem we will do our best to find the best solution for you.
  • Returns of Products (excluding the faulty ones) should be made within the timeframe it was listed on. It also needs to follow the procedures that the return policy covers.

4. Pricing

  • Glamour Sisters prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The prices on the website are applicable to the time you complete the purchase process.
  • You must warrant that you are agreeing to pay for the price of the products bought from our website. You are consenting that, through the payment method selected, you are completing your purchase from our website. This is given that you have sufficient funds to pay for your purchase from us.
  • When completing your purchase, you must agree to the additional cost indicated such as freight.
  • You must agree to pay the Tax for supplying the products to you.
  • You must agree to pay in the currency indicated on the Glamour Sisters website at the time of your purchase.
  • For credit cards holding different currencies, overseas transactions fees may apply. It will end on the financial institution your card is affiliated with, to issue an exchange rate when your card is charged.

5. Resale Policy

  • We only resell to our end customers. We do not recognise orders from customers who transacted through exporters, dealers, wholesalers, or even from other customers.
  • You are warranted as an end consumer unless you get authorisation from us or have a trading account with the Glamour Sisters. As an end customer of the Glamour Sisters, you must not resell our products on any platform as much as possible.

6. Product Delivery

  • Your parcel will be delivered to the address you have provided during your purchase on our website.
  • We make sure to deliver all products as soon as possible, but estimates are taken into consideration. We aim to send out your orders on the next business day after you have successfully placed them on our website.
  • Orders are sent depending on the shipping options that customers choose. The process of how the orders are delivered will fall under the responsibility of the courier. Glamour Sisters will only replace orders if the orders were lost in transit by the courier. This applies to shipping methods that require no signature/can be left unattended at the delivery address.
  • We may change the shipping options if factors such as the parcel’s size, weight, and location of the shipping address affect the shipping method you selected prior.
  • Glamour Sisters do not hold responsibility for orders shipped to invalid or incorrect shipping addresses.

7. International Orders

  • Glamour Sisters doesn’t have control over customs or import duty tax. We won’t be able to give advice on these charges and how they affect your shipment. Please do contact your local customs authority for more information.
  • Customs or import duty tax and additional charges of shipping are to be paid by the customer. Glamour Sisters will not pay for these types of charges. Glamour Sisters is also not going to be held responsible if a customer refuses to pay the charges or abandons their parcel. We will not be issuing any refunds in this type of situation.

8. Glamour Sisters Website

  • Glamour Sisters is owned and managed by us. All materials that appear on the website such as the photos, videos, logos, graphics, and the website design are owned by us.
  • The use of website content is limited to the purpose of doing transactions on the website. Any attempt to change or modify the website in an unauthorised manner is strictly prohibited.

9. User Privacy

  • Glamour Sisters, we, who are operating the website, abide by applicable privacy laws. We will follow rules and regulations that are to the extent applicable.
  • The collection and use of personal information is solely for providing offers, rewards, mail-outs, and similar types of contact.
  • We may also use the information you have provided in sending promotional material, introduction to new products, giveaways, and competitions.
  • Glamour Sisters value customer privacy and rights. In this regard we will never share the information you have provided to any third party without your consent.
  • For users who are under 18 years of age, you must have the consent of your parent or guardian about Glamour Sisters Terms & Conditions before you proceed with your order. You must inform us of your real age and accept and consent with the practices of our Terms & Conditions.