Who Invented Weaves and Why? (Christina Jenkins)

Who Invented Weaves and Why? (Christina Jenkins)

Who Invented Weaves and Why? (Christina Jenkins)

Have you ever tried weaves before? Or you might know someone who uses them. A lot of celebrities are using weaves and it adds to their alluring looks. The best part about weaves is that you won't even notice them most of the time.

But what are weaves? Where did they come from? How did the invention of this change the course of hairstyling for women?

Find out where weaves began and who was the wonderful lady that started it all. A weave, a sew-in, self-expression, let's all discover its beginnings.

The Woman Behind the "Hair-Weave"

Let's travel back to 1949 where we meet an African-American lady named Christina Jenkins. Christina worked at a wig manufacturer. This was where she worked on making wigs more comfortable to wear. The plan was to make the wigs sit on women’s hair in a better way.

From simple wigs, Christina started developing more techniques. This involved using sewing to make the wigs look more natural. This prompted the invention of the weaving frame. This opened a lot of opportunities for women to choose different types of weaves.

Freedom of Self-Expression in Women

Christina not only created a revelation, but also freedom. Her hair technique gave African-American women more choices for their hairstyles. From short weaves to curly weaves, the options were endless. Christina's technique was so loved she received invitations from other countries.

  • Her hair weave technique included interweaving of live har and commercial hair strands
  • She used cord-like material to join the strands 
  • The hair is being attached to a net and then sewn into the person's cornrow base

Saying Goodbye to Heat and Chemicals 

Another reason why Christina came up with a  new technique to put on weaves is to keep the hair healthy. The traditional method made it so stressful for one's hair that it was damaging. 

So how do weaves work? What's the reason hair weaves were the best option in the past and until now?

  • Human hair weaves add more volume and colour to the hair
  • Hair weaves help grow your natural hair by covering it during growth
  • Hair weaves don't use glue o heat making them easy to maintain
  • Hair weaves give flexibility to the user when it comes to styling

Where to Find Hair Weaves Now

There is now plenty of hair weaves in Perth as well as weaves in Sydney. All you need to do is visit salons and see which types of weaves they have available. For more choices, there are also more options for weaves online. You can also visit Glamour SIsters located in Sydney.

Weaves have definitely stayed in the hairstyling community and it continues to grow. More and more women are getting their weaves and experimenting with them. This type of freedom gives everyone a chance to experiment with their looks.

Improving Confidence Thanks to Weaves 

A person's hair is their crowning glory. There are people who struggle with hair and this can damage one's self-confidence. Thanks to the invention and prevalence of weaves, hair problems aren't judged. 

Nowadays going to the salon to get your hair fixed is being seen as self-improvement. There's no need to feel ashamed when you wear weaves. They are stylish and can blend in one's hair when styled. 

Even high profile personalities and celebrities are vocal about their weaves. In a way, weaves also increase your creativity. Since you can do anything with weaves, experimenting on hairstyles is an advantage.

Loving Both Your Natural Hair and Weaves

Hair can get exhausted too. When your hair is being overstyled and overheated, it can lose its natural quality. Your hair will need weeks of rest and this is where weaves enter the picture.

You don't have to sacrifice how you look thanks to weaves. You can have them on while your natural hair takes a rest from all those stylings. This means you can still look great every day without the expense of damaged hair.

If you want to invest in weaves, now is the right time. Don't wait until your natural hair can't recover anymore. Weaves aren't a protective style for nothing. They are also great to use when your hair is transitioning. You can hide your natural hair as it grows to its full length. 

You can pick out weaves of different length, colour and style. Try to search for looks that you want to achieve beforehand. This makes weave choosing faster and better afterwards. 

Then decide on the budget you are willing to spend on the weaves. There are many affordable weaves nowadays that are also of high quality.