What Are the Trending Hair Extensions for 2023?

What Are the Trending Hair Extensions for 2023?

What Are the Trending Hair Extensions for 2023?


The Covid-19 lockdowns made a lot of people reconsider their haircuts. Some have grown tired of their long hair and had them cut when they have the chance. While others regret the haircuts they've gotten after the lockdown. 


This is where a hair extension will come in handy.


It's now 2023 and hairstyles are adapting. There is now more demand for stylish hair extensions in Sydney. Women want to have practical hairstyles. They also need those that they can change themselves.


If you are considering using hair extensions for 2023, what should you go for? How can you pick the right hair extensions? Are hair extensions a good investment? You can find out more when you read below.

Types of Hair Extensions to Watch Out for in 2023


Before, hair extensions were only popular with celebrities ad models. But as time passed by, extensions have become available to many. So what are the best extension choices for 2023?


  • Halo Style Hair Extensions


Halo hair extensions are entering the 2023 trend. They are a new type of hair extensions that don’t attach to the hair. The extension works by sitting on top of your hair much like a hidden hat with a wire. Your hair is still on top of the extension and holds the halo in place.


  • Clip-in Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are still one of the favourites. They are easy to use and fast to attach. Not only that but clip in hair extensions are the safest to use for beginners. You can take them off and put them on by yourself. These are the best extensions to add volume to your hair or adding length when you need it.


  • Ponytail Hair Extensions


There's a lot of trending ponytail hairstyles for 2023. And it only makes sense why ponytail extensions are entering the trend too. These extensions give more fullness to thin ponytails. It comes in various thickness and even length to give you the perfect ponytail look.


  • Tape-in Hair Extensions


These are extension types that need a bit more maintenance. Since a thin strip of your hair is attached to the extension, you'll need help from salons because a precise width of hair should come into each tape in. 


The result is a flawless and unnoticeable flow of hair.


  • Sew in Hair Extensions


You would need a needle and thread to attach this type of hair extension. Sometimes, the attachment is a long process and can take hours. Experienced hairdressers usually attach the sew-in extensions as it can be very technical. 


You can get them by strand or wig form. What makes this type popular is their  seamless looks and because they are semi-permanent.

Types of Hair Styles with Extensions That Are Getting Traction in 2023


  1. Ombre and Coloured Extensions


With time in hand, people tend to experiment with their own hair. But for first-timers, this can be risky. Thus, the rise of dying hair extensions is rising. Dyeing extensions is a better option because you won't have to put your own hair at risk. 


Colouring glamour hair extensions lets you stand out, and you can even match it with your outfits. You could also choose to colour various extensions and swap them from time to time. Changing your hair colour has never been this fast and easy.

  1. Top Knot Box Braid Extensions


Top knot box braids are one of the most adorable hairstyles that you can go with for 2023. The top knot is simple yet a style that can go with any outfit. All you need is wrapping your braids into a stylish bun on top of your head. 


You can then attach your box braid clip in hair extensions from Sydney to add your desired length. It's a very quick hairstyle to pull off and perfect either at home or when going out. The best part is, this hairstyle will stay long without getting undone.

  1. Fish Tail Box Braid Extensions


Fishtail braids are very pretty to look at. It may look complicated, but once you master the steps, you'll be winging it every time to wear it. Adding box braids into your fish tail hairstyle can make it even better.


Not only is this hairstyle a classic one, but it is always in trend. You can expect to see plenty of people having fish braids in 2023. 

  1. Formal Bun Box Braid Hair Extensions


Formal buns don't need to be boring, with box braid hair extensions they can shine more. This is a very flexible hairstyle that's very popular all around the world. Not only does the bun work in a formal settings, but you can also wear them at parties, vacations, and get-togethers.


Attach your box braid quality hair extensions before creating the bun. This can give your formal bun more puffiness making it look much more elegant. It's a fun hairstyle that looks even better with hair extensions.

  1. Long and Thin Box Braid Extensions


When you want to go for the elegant look, thin box braids are would be the option to go for. This is a perfect style if you want to highlight your face. The long and thin box braids can frame your face and can also give you a more stylish look. 


You can use box braid extensions to give more length to your hair. It can be awkward when your actual hair is too short. Thus using hair extensions, your hair gets pulled back in a natural way to give that elegant look.

Does Using Hair Extensions Benefit You?


Yes, they can. You can find the best hair extensions in Sydney at Glamour Sisters! The rise in popularity of hair extensions continues to grow and it will do so in the future. Investing in hair extensions now will give you more options to style your hair and with less time wasted.


If you're looking for the best clip in hair extensions in Sydney, visit our salon or shop at our Glamour Sisters online store. When you've decided which extensions fit for your hair type, you'll never regret it.