Synthetic Vs Human Hair Clip-Ins

Synthetic Vs Human Hair Clip-Ins

Synthetic Vs Human Hair Clip-Ins

Some people choose synthetic clip-ins because they are cheaper. But are they the best option? If you're looking for quality, it's best to do a little comparison with Human Hair.

Human Hair clip-ins are not like the others and many people want it. But how do you know that you have an authentic Human Hair clip-in?

Is it tricky to check if you have Russian Human Hair clip-ins or Indian human Hair clip-ins? There are different grades when it comes to Human Hair. Knowing their differences can help solve the mystery.

So how does human and synthetic hair compare with each other? How do you know when you have a Human Hair clip-in? What do human hair clip-ins have to offer? Below is your full guide into what the fuss is all about with Human Hair extensions.

Synthetic Clip-ins: It’s All About a Short Term Fix 

Synthetic clip-ins are being designed to look and feel like real human hair. They come from human-made fibres that look like real hair. If you are on a tight budget, you might be looking at buying synthetic hair instead. You should also take note of its limitations.

  • They last about 1-3 months
  • They can resist different weather conditions
  • You can't colour them because they take damage
  • Some would melt when exposed to heat styling
  • You can't wash them as well
  • They aren't versatile when it comes to style changes

Human Hair: It's All About the Hair Cuticles

A lot of human Hair clip-ins reviews will tell you what makes this extension popular. But how do you know if you indeed have one? For its price, you don't want to end up getting a lesser quality one.

Human Hair equals high quality. There's a reason why it sits above other clip-in prices. The strands have a different build, a different direction, a different personality.

  • Human Hair clip-ins have aligned cuticles. 
  • Other types of clip-ins don't have this degree of preciseness. 
  • Human Hair clip-ins look like they grew from the scalp the natural way.

Remember that when your clip-ins have different facing cuticles, it's not a Human Hair.

Look Closer at the Human Hair Extension Differences

It's easy to say that looking at the cuticles will tell you if you have a Human Hair extension or not. To the naked eye, this is a tedious and almost impossible task. Only clip-in experts would indeed spot the differences faster.

But there are still some telltale signs of knowing if you have bought Human Hair clip-ins.

  • Be Wary of the Price

A very cheap Human Hair extension should give you red flags. They could be "stripped" Human Hair extensions. Stripped? These are Human Hair extensions that have stripped cuticles.

  • Quality Is a Gamechanger

Human Hair extensions work with quality. If the clip-in that you have exhibited is of poor quality, then it's possible that it's not a Human Hair.  These types of clip-ins are over-processed.

Investing in Human Hair clip-ins

You can always buy other types of clip-ins if you're on a budget. But Human Hair clip-ins are an investment. You are putting money on something you know will last you long.

  • Human Hair clip-ins are the most natural-looking
  • They are also called as virgin hair because of the least amount of process they've been through
  • The quality of Human Hair clip-ins is superb. They are shinier, healthier, and smoother to touch
  • Human Hair clip-ins still look great even after a year has passed

Maintenance? No Problem!

When you've got Human Hair clip-ins, you don't need to worry about added maintenance. Even if they look and feel like real hair, you don't need expensive hair care products. You only have to treat them as you would on your own hair.

  • Wash your Human Hair clip-ins like your real hair
  • You can style Human Hair clip-ins with no problem
  • You can also dye your Human Hair clip-ins
  • You could use  hair irons, curlers, or blow-dryers on your Human Hair clip-ins
  • You can have Human Hair extensions on while swimming with extra care e.g. in a braid or with a leave in conditioner applied to the hair to avoid drying out.

Change up Your Look With clip-ins

Human Hair extensions are by far a wonderful choice. You can find best clip-ins in Sydney where you can get Human Hair clip-ins. Do not in any way sleep with your extensions on. The metal clips can irritate those with sensitive scalps and cause hair pulling. 

Other than that, you are free to experiment with clip-ins. The higher the quality that you have, the better. Some cheaper clip-ins may not be able to handle styling. This is why it's better to invest in higher quality extensions as you can save more in the long run.

When buying your clip-ins for the first time, do a bit of research. If you want to go for Human Hair clip-ins, search up places where you can get them. This helps you buy legit Human Hair extensions without risking buying a fake one.

You can also ask for help and suggestions from clip-in salon experts. They can give you a list of Human Hair clip-in suppliers or shops to get them from.