Hair Loss for Men and Women, What Is the Solution?

Hair Loss for Men and Women, What Is the Solution?

 Hair Loss for Men and Women, What Is the Solution?

Hair loss for men and women can be because of different factors. By identifying the cause of your hair loss, you can find solutions to manage it. We all should start caring for our hair and watch what we eat and what we do daily.

The hair is also part of the body. Which means that when the body is healthy, you will also have healthy hair. But in some cases, hair loss can be genetic. There are instances where people opt to get thick hair extensions to liven up their hair.

While finding the best hair loss solution, you can sport hair extensions for the meantime. You can get fuller and more beautiful hair when you use the best thick hair extensions. You only need to make sure to find the right thickness to work with. Interested to know more? We’ll tell you more, below.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men and Women?

The hair strands have a lifespan of two to five years. This is because the hair follicles follow a cycle where it ends with resting.  When your hair stars in its rest form, this is where it begins falling.

One of the major contributors of "resting" your hair is stress. People experience stress in many different situations. 

  1. Some people have underlying health conditions that lead them to stress.
  2. Women can get hair loss after pregnancy
  3. People who take medication can develop hair loss
  4. Hair loss can come from long-term or short-term health conditions

The best way to find out the root cause of hair loss is to check with your dermatologist. Get expert help especially when you feel like there is something wrong with your health.

Hair Loss Solutions for Men and Women

Before trying out any of the treatments, make sure to check in with a health professional. You will need to check whether your health history will enable you to use these treatments. Always proceed with caution when it comes to medical treatments.

  • Hair Treatments for Men:

  • Minoxidil- Non-prescription treatment. It is safe to use with few side effects, it is also the most affordable treatment available.

  • Finasteride- Also an affordable treatment. It is good for hair loss that's along with the hairline/crown/vortex. A great solution for hair thinning in many areas of the scalp.

  • Hair Treatments for Women: 

  • Rogaine- Helps enlarge the hair follicles and also elongates the hair's growth phase. As the hair follicles enter the growth cycle, more hair starts growing on the scalp. Recommended for those suffering from hereditary hair loss (scalp-base hair thinning).

  • Aldactone- An "off-label" treatment. This acts as an anti-androgen. They help women with hair loss because of higher androgen levels. They slow down androgen production and restore hormone balance.

What About Hair Extensions?

Getting extensions for hair loss is one of the less expensive options you can go for. They are very easy to use, and you can use them any time that you want.

Getting cheap thick hair extensions is a quick and affordable solution. Hair extensions have been around for a long time. And they're one of the best choices when it comes to various hairstyling practices.

Not only that but thick clip in hair extensions also help add volume to thin hair.  You don't have to worry about getting voluminous hair despite having thin hair. It's all thanks to hair extensions!

Choosing the Right Hair Extension Thickness

Hair extensions also come in different thickness depending on how much suits you. Many who have thin hair make use of thicker hair extensions to get a fuller volume effect.

  • Thick human hair extensions give more body to thin hair
  • An extra thick hair extension offers a voluminous look that lasts longer  than real hair
  • Thicker hair extensions make it easier to recreate updos, ponytails, and braids
  • Thicker hair extensions give you bouncier curls or waves that stay in style longer

You need to know what hair type you have before getting thick clip in hair extensions. This can help you pick the right thickness for your hair type. 

It also avoids the instance of getting hair extensions that are too heavy for your hair. Too much hair extension thickness can make your hair seem unnatural.

Hair Density Is Where It's At!

It can be a struggle to deal with hair loss. This is why thick clip in hair extensions exist. The key to picking the best extension without making it look obvious is hair density.

Your hair density is the amount of hair that you actually have. People have short or long hair as well as curly and straight hair. Only choose the thick hair extensions clip in that matches your hair type.

Below are common hair extension sets used for specific hair densities:

  • 120 Gram Hair Extension Set

This set is for those who have thin and fine hair. This is a good choice if you want more volume added to your hair. This set will work with hair that has thin strands. It is best for medium to long hair length.

  • 160 Gram Hair Extension Set

This set is perfect for medium thick hair. It gives a more natural look to the hair while still adding wonderful volume. The set is one of the most popular because it caters to many average hair types.

  • 180 Gram Hair Extension Set

This hair extension set is close with the 160 variations. Only that the 180 comes with thicker hair on each of its weft. This set also works for those with fine hair that want a  bit of volume in their hair.

  • 220 Gram Hair Extension Set

This set is usually the thickest type that you can find. It is ideal for people who have thick hair but want more length. This set can also work with medium thick hair to add some personality into it. 

Find a Perfect Match and Go!

Your natural hair is fine as long as it's healthy. You don't need to pour in chemicals to follow celebrity looks. Sometimes it's super thick hair extensions that you need. They are safer to use and won't harm the quality of your hair in any way!

The best part is you can pick from long thick hair extensions that match your own hair density. If it's your first time to look for thicker hair extensions, you can always ask professionals for help.

Go to your nearest hair extension salon and ask professionals for suggestions. They may even refer you to experts or salons that offer the kind of hair extension that you need, such as the Glamour sisters who have been in the hair extensions business for over 20 years. Extensions aren't that expensive either! Invest in one that you know is of good quality and will last long.