Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Dec 05 , 2022

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Is it time for you to get hair extensions for short hair? You've seen your favourite celebrities wear hair extensions. You've seen people that you follow online flaunt their extensions. You may even have friends or family members that have stylish hair extensions.

But what if you need hair extensions for really short hair? There's a common misconception that extensions can only work with long hair. This isn't true at all, extensions work with any length of hair. The type that you choose will depend on the purpose that you're getting the extensions for.

To know more about how hair extensions for very short hair work keep reading below.

How to Wear Hair Extensions for Your Short Hair

There are days that you want to change up your appearance no matter how drastic there is. Some people cut their hair, but what if you want to do the reverse? 

That is having instant long hair. And this is what extensions are for.

Nowadays you can find clip in hair extensions for short hair in salons. They are even available in online shops as well. You don't need to worry about having short hair since extensions can still work their magic.

  • Place Your Hair Extensions Higher

When using extensions for short hair, you need to cover most of your natural hair. Since you're working with short hair, you may need to cover up half of it which sits higher on the head.

You will have to clip your extensions for short hair from the bottom part. Then go upwards until the extensions reach the top of the head. This can help give your hair a more natural look.

  • Tease Your Hair 

One of the best ways to use hair extensions for short hair clip in type is to use a  brush to tease it. This makes it easier for the extensions to grab on to your hair. 

Teasing will help the extensions stay secure on the hair no matter how much you move. This is important especially when you are only using one weft at the back of the head.

  • Pick a Thicker Set of Extensions

You can add short hair extensions for volume with thicker wefts. You can layer the wefts to create a wonderful looking thick hair effect. The heavier the wefts you use, the more seamless the look will be. 

This is because thinner wefts are more obvious especially when used on very short hair. The best extensions for short hair are thicker wefts. This is because the transition from short to long hair is not that visible.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Trim Your Extensions

When using short hair extensions for volume, it doesn't mean that it has to stay long. You should also learn to trim your extensions to match the length-succession of your hair. This is to make it blend well to your natural hair. 

There could be spaces where the hair length changes "unnaturally". One way to make them appear natural is to trim the extensions the way that your natural hair would grow.

  • Bring More Dimension to Your Hair

Another tip for picking the best hair extensions for short hair is to work with dimensions. How can you recreate this? Easy! Look for different shades that can match your own hair colour. This will give your hair more life and more dimension.

Putting on your hair extensions doesn't only mean you have to hide your real hair. You can play with various tones and colours that can make your otherwise dull hair pop out! Let your hair extensions do the work of adding more attitude to your hairstyles.

Maintaining Your Long Hair Look With Extensions

It's one way to add the best extensions for very short hair, and another story on maintaining it. After putting on your extensions, you have to make sure that it stays in its best condition.

One way to blend your hair extensions with your hair after clipping them on is by straightening. This should apply to hair extensions that may have a different quality with your hair. By straightening or using a curling iron, you can blend them together.

You can also use a shine spray, leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo, or sulphate-free shampoo. You can also add using an extension brush to the mix. These will help keep your extensions in place for everyday styling. 

There are extensions, such as synthetic ones that tend to look dry. If you're using them, a good option would be to apply a serum on them. This helps give synthetic extensions a more natural or real hair look.