Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Adding Length to Short Hair 

Would you like to know if hair extensions for short hair are right for you? Hair extensions are nothing new; many of your favourite celebrities use them. You've probably noticed some of the people you follow online raving about their new hair on social media. 

Now, let's say you have short hair and are interested in hair extensions. Most people think that only those with long hair may benefit from using extensions, however this is not the case. The opposite is true; extensions can be used on hair of any length. The reason for having extensions should guide your choice of style. 

What to Look for When Purchasing Short Hair Extensions

There are times when a significant change in appearance is desired. Many people cut their hair short, but what if you prefer it long?

That's equivalent to having long hair overnight. and it is for this reason that we have extensions.

Place your hair extensions higher on your head.

When using short hair extensions, you must cover the majority of your natural hair. Because you're working with short hair, you might need to cover up half of it that's higher on the head.

The bottom part of your short hair extensions must be clipped.Then work your way up until the extensions reach the top of your head. This can help your hair look more natural. 

Your hair should be teased.

Teasing clip-in hair extensions for short hair is one of the best ways to use them. This facilitates the attachment of the extensions to your hair.

Teasing will help the extensions stay in place no matter how much you move your hair. This is especially important when only one weft is used at the back of the head.

Choose a Thicker Extension Set 

Short hair extensions with thicker wefts can be used to add volume. You can layer the wefts to achieve the appearance of thick hair. The heavier the wefts, the more seamless the appearance. 

Thinner wefts are more noticeable, especially when used on very short hair. Thicker wefts are the best extensions for short hair. This is due to the fact that the transition from short to long hair is not visible. 

Trim Your Extensions Without Fear 

When using short hair extensions for volume, it does not have to be long. You should also learn how to trim your extensions to match your hair's length progression. This is to ensure that it blends well with your natural hair. 

There may be areas where the hair length varies "unnaturally." Trim the extensions in the same way that your natural hair would grow to make them look more natural. 

Increase the Dimension of Your Hair 

Working with dimensions is another tip for selecting the best hair extensions for short hair. How do you replicate this? Easy! Look for different shades that will complement your own hair color. This will add dimension and life to your hair.

Putting on hair extensions does not imply that you must hide your natural hair. You can experiment with different tones and colours to make your otherwise dull hair stand out! Allow your hair extensions to do the heavy lifting by adding more attitude to your hairstyles.

Using Extensions to Keep Your Long Hair Looking

It's one thing to add the best extensions for very short hair, and quite another to keep it looking good. After applying your extensions, you must ensure that they remain in good condition.

Straightening your hair extensions after clipping them in is one way to blend them with your natural hair. This should also apply to hair extensions that may be of a different quality than your natural hair. You can blend them together by straightening or curling your hair.

A shine spray, leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo, or sulfate-free shampoo can also be used. You can also incorporate an extension brush into the mix. These will aid in the retention of your extensions for everyday styling.

There are extensions that appear dry, such as synthetic ones. If you're going to use them, a serum would be a good idea. This aids in giving synthetic hair extensions a more natural or real hair appearance.