Clever Ways to Hide Your Clip-ins

Clever Ways to Hide Your Clip-ins

Clever Ways to Hide Your Clip-ins

Everyone loves clip-in hair extensions! They're easy to install and they can quickly change up your look. You no longer need to sacrifice your real hair to have the style you've always wanted.

If you're new to using clip-in extensions, you might run into some trouble. And that is having to conceal that you have clip-ins. You don't have to worry, the more you get used to clip-ins, the easier it is to use them.

But why would you want to hide clip-ins? Is it safe to use non-clip-ins? How can you take care of your clip-ins?

More hair can make your look prettier. Whether you have expensive or cheap clip-in hair extensions you should learn how to wear them.

Why Hide Your Clip-Ins

If clip-ins make your hair sensational, then why do you want to hide it? Simple, it's to create an illusion that everything is natural. Clip-ins are being designed to look like natural hair as much as possible. If hair clip-ins aren't put on well, it makes your hair look unnatural.

It's all about making your clip-ins invisible. It has to blend in with the rest of the hair. Hairstylists have their tricks to hide them well. Do you want to know these secrets as well? They're simple but very effective!

Why Non-Clip-Ins Are Bad for Your Scalp

Clip in bangs and hair are ready to use and you can attach them on your own. These are also non-permanent which means you can take them off anytime. You don't need to use any chemicals that can damage your scalp.

Applying heat to the roots of your hair and adding adhesive results to major damage. Not to mention that the time it takes to attach non-clip-ins take longer than clip-ins.

Advantages of Having Clip-Ins

With clip in hair extensions, you have endless options on how to style them. Their main function is to add volume and length to your hair. They're perfect for people who have problems with thin hair. But thick-haired people can also use them. The trick is knowing how to place them well.

Clip-ins can work with short hair, layered hair, and coloured hair. You can wear them down or with a ponytail. Braid them up and style them if you want to! You can also use hair gel to set them like how you do with real hair.

Hiding Clip-Ins Like They’re Natural

So how can you hide your clip-ins? For first-timers, it may take a little practice. But the results of careful practice and planning will pay off in the long run. Beauty does come with a price as they say. This means you need to pour a bit of your determination and time to check which hiding style works best for you!

  • Find a Matching Clip-In Colour

  • If you don't want your clip-in to look unnatural, choose one that is closest to your hair. Clip-ins come in a variety of colours and shades. You will find one that matches your hair tone. If you're feeling extra creative you could mix two tones of clip-ins to create a highlight effect.

  • Use the Appropriate Number of Wefts

  • Add the right amount of wefts to your hair. Many clip-in sets come with 5 pieces. But depending on the thickness that you want, you can use less or add more. You'll need to make sure that your clip-ins aren't too heavy or uncomfortable to wear.

  • Make Use of Root Concealers

  • Using root concealers can help you blend clip-ins with your real hair. This is a perfect to-go-to when styling your hair. Sometimes when you tie up your hair, clip-ins would show. Covering them up with root concealers will work like magic!

  • Find the Hidden Spot in Your Hair

  • This is the place where you can hide your clip-ins. The area below the line of the eyebrows is usually the perfect hiding spot. Of course, it would also take a bit of adjusting when you first put them in. You can move them upwards or downwards depending on which part of your hair covers the clip-ins the best.

    Taking Care of Your Clip-Ins 

    Take care of your clip-ins the way that you take care of your real hair. They can even get split ends as your actual hair does. This is why trimming them regularly is also the same as caring for them. Invest in higher-quality clip in hair extensions for longer lasting, superior hair.

    Also, make sure to air dry them as much as possible. Too much heat can damage your clip-ins and may reduce their quality. Make sure that you always have enough time to wash and dry them before putting them on.