Celebrities With and Without Hair Extensions

Celebrities With and Without Hair Extensions

Celebrities that rock the hair extension game

Look at any celebrity, and all we see is perfection. Everything about them is gorgeous: their makeup, clothes, and hair. It's no surprise that a lot of professional hair experts are doing a bit of magic behind the scenes.

And yet, have you ever wondered which celebrities wear hair extensions? 

Check out these A-listers who are thriving and rocking their hair extensions! Perhaps, with the right extensions, you might even be able to recreate their look.

Khloe Kardashian 

Khloe always flaunts her long and wavy blonde hair in the spotlight. Her hair would appear thick and full of volume. 

Not only that, but she also loves experimenting with colours like pink and red. Lately, Khloe shared that she had a wardrobe dedicated to her hair extensions! 

She has posted a picture on Instagram about the impressive collection. Her extensions range from short to long and straight to curly. 

She also owns blonde hair extensions and auburn pieces.


Selena Gomez

Like many other celebrities, Selena is renowned for her beautiful mane of wavy, curly hair. Her hairdos are always modern and stylish. 

She's just as comfortable in a short and stylish cut as she is in a long and wavy style. Her voluminous waves of dark brown hair give her a distinctive appearance. 

Hair extensions are the backbone of all her hairstyles.


Lady Gaga

The many different ways in which Lady Gaga wears her hair have become a trademark of her fame. Her extreme use of hair extensions is undeniable, but we can't get enough of it. In the film, A Star is Born, she proudly displays her natural hair. 

Using hair extensions has become a staple in her routine because they shield her real hair from damage.

Her hair extensions are great and have really helped her out. In addition to giving her a memorable new look, they protected her natural hair from the elements. Using styling tools that generate heat on a regular basis is known to be detrimental to hair. Even our crown jewel requires a nap now and then.


Ariana Grande

Ariana's most well-known for wearing a high ponytail. She's associated with the look so much that it's hard to imagine her without the ponytail extension. 

Yes, the ponytail is an extension and the singer herself admitted that it wasn't all her real hair. 

Ariana without extensions rocks her natural, dark curls. Much to her fans' delight, she's been growing back her natural hair. all the while letting her extensions do the work of hiding it before any grand reveal.


Tyra Banks

This supermodel is a chameleon when it comes to hairstyles. She has switched from one look to another and played a lot with extensions. Her signature look is her long and wavy brown hair that has a volume that can go for miles! Thanks to extensions, Tyra keeps up this wonderful look to slay in every outfit she's in. 

On other occasions, she also switches to a straight hair ensemble. Without her hair extensions, Tyra has beautiful dark textured hair that is to die for! She has posted a picture of it on her Instagram

The experience of trying on a celebrity hairstyle can be exciting. You can save your own hair from being cut short by using extensions. 

Hairstyling can do wonders for your appearance because hair is the focal point. Hair extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths, colours, and quality, so finding the perfect match is simple. 

Hair extensions can be used to amplify your current hairdo. Hair extensions are the way to go if you want to make a dramatic change quickly without damaging your natural hair. 

It's best to get advice from experts if you're undecided about which hair extensions to buy. Locate a salon that specialises in hair extensions and pay them a visit. They will be able to offer advice on which extension style will complement your existing hair.