Should You Always Look Presentable? Studies Say it Is an Advantage

Should You Always Look Presentable? Studies Say it Is an Advantage

Should You Always Look Presentable? Studies Say it Is an Advantage

Picture this, you are preparing for your work interview, are you going to doll yourself up? You look at your makeup and your hair extension and wonder if it's worth the hassle? Will you look presentable enough in your interview?

More and more women have climbed the ladder to success in various industries. Not only that but more modern women have grown confident about themselves. Confidence and self-love if the key to making this empowerment is possible.

But how can dressing well and looking presentable contribute to success? Are there certain corporate looks that you should go for? Curious about what they're about? Keep on reading below!

Why Being Presentable in a Professional Way Could Bring in Extra Success

Studies such as those of the economist Daniel Hamermesh called pulchrinomics. This study focuses on how a person presents themselves can drive economic success. There's a research in 1994 by Hamermesh with economist Jeff Biddle about this.

Records show that people grooming themselves indeed find more opportunities in their careers. Of course, it would also depend on the profession that one has or the career that they are going for. The bottom line is, exerting efforts to look presentable can give positive feedback.

Why Getting Hair Extensions Can Be a Great Investment

Still on the fence about getting your hair extensions from Sydney or getting that new work dress? These scientific reasons might give you an idea about how beauty can affect your career. It could be time for self-improvement or to change up your image for work.

Who's to say that that hair extension from Sydney clip in that you get isn't worth the investment? Look into some of these proven scientific reasons why beauty affects careers in the long run. These are very interesting and might help you as well.

  • Why Looking Smarter Is an Advantage

Most individuals, in general, look at smart-looking people and see them as intelligent. This means that the style you go for will affect other people’s perception of you. Other researchers see this as a bias or stereotype, but does one study cancel the other?

It still depends on the circumstances.

If you have the abilities to further your career, then it’s time to dress yourself up to it. There are plenty of smart chic hairstyles that you can go for. First impressions can go a long way. That's why you want to create a positive first impression on your clients by how you style yourself.

  • Why Improving Your Style Can Elevate Confidence

Confidence can carry a woman, but why not back it up by looking presentable as well? The more confident you are in yourself, the more appealing you are to the people you are talking to. If you feel like you'd slay those clip in hair extensions from Sydney then who's stopping you?

According to researchers, there is a constant correlation between success and confidence. Confident people exude a pleasing aura. People like to talk and negotiate with others who know what they are talking about.

Looking presentable in a professional way helps a lot as well. This charm can lead to better sales for the company. Thus opening more opportunities for your career.

Be comfortable in your own skin, or hair for that matter. If you feel like getting the best hair extensions in Sydney can boost that confidence level up, then do so. Investing in hair accessories might be the best decision you have made.

  • Being Trustworthy Through Thoughtful Presentation

There is a 2011 Harvard study that looked into looking presentable and trustworthiness. Participants in the study viewed groomed women as more trustworthy. This meant that women who took the effort to do their hair and makeup were being trusted more.

This type of event falls into the term extended phenotype. It’s where one modifies their environment as a result of genes. It means using makeup or hair extensions to make changes to one’s original look.

People are more than happy to trust others who took the time and effort to be presentable.

Using quality hair extensions from Sydney or colouring hair can be a positive change. People see it as an effort to make yourself more presentable. Companies like this as they want clients to put their trust on employees.

  • Health and Happiness Are Being Linked With Being Well Groomed

Harvard and Denmark's researchers looked into the study of being presentable and happiness. They found out that subjective well-being and happiness associated with being well-groomed. This meant well-groomed people are being taken to hold more control of their lives.

People who are mindful about how they present themselves tend to exude happiness. Putting in work more to be well-groomed and healthy-looking makes you look pleasant. What’s important is that you are content and confident with how you present yourself.

  • Why Being Professionally-Presentable Affects Persuasion

Are professional-looking people more persuasive? There's a study that looked into how being well-groomed can get respondents to agree with them. In a study by Mills and Aronson (1965), they found out that appearance played a part. When a person looks professional, their desire to influence others tends to improve.

There's also another study by Chaiken. Eagly, Sejwacz, Gregory and Christensen (1978) about persuasion. They found out that persuasion depends on composition and interaction with the communicator. Modern studies show that well-groomed communicators are more persuasive.

Studies also show that confident communicators tend to be faster and fluent speakers. Respondents also favoured the confident communicators more. Studies conclude that being well-groomed tends to favour persuasion.

The Goal of Looking Presentable in a Professional Way

What's lovely about modern society is there is plenty of corporate styling to choose from. The spectre of looking stylish in the corporate world has grown vast. This is the age of self-expression and self-improvement. This is also what Glamour Sisters' hair extensions believe in.

Glamour hair extensions are being created for women who love themselves. Everyone has the right to look and feel confident about themselves in many ways. If you want to have the best hair extensions in Sydney then don't stop yourself from getting one.

Looking smart and dressing smart doesn’t need to be plain and boring. With the many options to glamourise your look nowadays, it’s easier than before. Sprinkle in some confidence and you will be carrying yourself up in no time!