How to Use Glamour Sisters Clip-in Extensions

How to Use Glamour Sisters Clip-in Extensions

How to Use Glamour Sisters Clip-in Extensions

Achieve that voluminous hair is through Glamour Sisters Clip-In Extensions. They're quick to buy, easy to put on and easy to take off. A lot of clip-in extensions are available in every style, colour, and length.

But as someone who's never used them before, how can you put them on?

Would watching tutorials be enough? Can beginners pull off the look? What types of clip-in extensions should you use?

Fret no more! Glamour Sisters is here to show you how it's done. Be a pro in putting on your extensions in no time! It may take some practice, but the results are so worth it!

Create a Thicker and Fuller Look for Your Hair in a Few Minutes!

Glamour Sisters is here to show you how to finally put that wavy clip in hair extensions to use! Here we give you a simple guide on how to put on extensions of any kind. 

Whether you have curly clip in hair extensions or wavy clip in hair extensions, we can help! All it takes is patience and determination.

  • Step One

Choose a clip-in hair extension that matches your hair. We have many different shades and tones to suit a majority of our clients, if you have a rare hair colour, you may need to dye or tone the extensions. Remember that the shade of your extensions should be a bit lighter than your hair colour. We do not recommend bleaching

  • Step Two 

Prepare the extensions that you are going to wear. Count the number you will be using and wash them as you do with your real hair. Make sure to air dry them before putting them on. 

The number of wefts you use would depend on how much volume you need. Some use 4 to 6 one piece clip in human hair extensions.

  • Step Three

Brush the hair extensions, you don't want tangles to be in the way. Brush your hair as well for best results. Once done, it's time to part your hair to where the extensions will go. Make sure to part your hair from the back and find the middle area. Pull up the upper section into a bun or a ponytail.

You can then take a 4 clip weft and attach it to that middle partition. Clip your extensions as close to your roots as possible. This helps keep the clip in place even if you move around. Smoothen your hair to set the extensions in place.

  • Step Four

You will then start working your way upwards your hair. Once you finish with the first extension, separate another section of your hair. This one should be thinner and about 1-inch apart from the bottom weft. This section should be at the top side of your ears and not below it.

Use the 3 clip weft for this part and clip it above the partition you made. The new weft should be able to cover the thin hair below and your first clip in extension. Do the same for the next weft you're going to use. 

Only make sure that the next partition above is the widest part of the head. Clip the extensions in place and do the same if you plan on adding one more hair extension above.

  • Step Five

Once you're done with the back part of your hair, it's time to focus on the sides. These will add volume to the side of the head making it blend with the thickness at the back. When parting your side hairs, split it a few inches above your ears. 

Clip the weft on the partition like how you did at the back of your head. Do the same for the other side of the head.

  • Step Six

This is where the smaller wefts go to use. You will use one clip wefts for this. Find an area below your top hair to clip them in. Do this for both sides. 

The area you choose will depend on the place where the hair needs more blending. This could also be the part where you add your clip in bang extensions if you plan on adding one.

And that's it! You're done! Feel the Glamour!

Sometimes it might take you more attempts to get the effect you want. But that's okay because you can experiment all you want. You can get cheap clip in hair extensions for a full head if you need more ground to cover.

This guide is perfect when adding clip extensions if you wear your hair down. You can get clip in pony tail extensions if you want a ponytail hairstyle.

Don't worry about looking for clip in hair extensions at the cheapest price. There are plenty of quality extensions that are affordable and look almost natural. We at Glamour Sisters can help get you the best clip-in extensions.