How to Dye Your Hair Extensions: The Glamour Sisters Way

How to Dye Your Hair Extensions: The Glamour Sisters Way

How to Dye Your Hair Extensions: The Glamour Sisters Way 

Hair extensions can give extra body and attitude to your hair. This is why it's so fun to have them! With hair extensions before and after results, you'll feel a big difference. 

But once in a while, you will feel the need to upgrade your hairdo. One of the most popular choices for glow ups is changing hair colour. This might make you worry that you can't colour your hair because of extensions.

So the questions are, can you dye your hair extensions? What are the best tips in dyeing your hair extensions? Will your hair extensions remain in the same quality?

The good news is, you can! And Glamour Sisters is here to help out!

You Can Dye Your Hair Extensions! If They're the Right Type

When deciding to dye your hair extensions. You need to know what type it is. You can't colour synthetic hair extensions because they're made from plastic. But when you have pure hair extensions then you can dye it with no problem. 

That's why it's important to know what type of hair extensions you have. Damage control is a must. To make sure, you can always do a burn test.

The next factor you need to consider is what hair colour to go for. Hair extensions may have a different reaction compared to your real hair. Hair extensions have undergone several processes and may exhibit a different shade. 

It can be difficult to dye hair extensions to a lighter shade. Most recommend going for a darker dye colour. This is to get the right colour match for both your hair and extensions.

How to Start Dyeing Your Hair Extensions

Many want to experiment especially on dyeing their own extensions. But you also need to be careful not to damage them. “Should I go to a salon hair extension near me?” you might wonder. If it's your first time to do this, it's a good option to ask for advice. Get information that you need and seek opinions about things that worry you about your hair.

  • Pick up the Colour You Want

  • Before dyeing your hair extensions, you need to pick a colour. It's better to go for hair dyes from professional hair colour brands. Look for types that have a professional developer line. 

    This is vital in keeping the colour on the hair. Make sure to check the volume of the developers you're using. Using too much can damage your extensions so you have to be careful. Always remember, darker colours will work on hair extensions best.

  • Start Dyeing the Right Area

  • When dyeing your hair extensions, begin from the root towards the tip. Begin applying the hair dye on top of your hair and downwards. Make sure that colour is even and that you have enough hair dye with you. 

    Your hair colour can change if you don't prepare enough hair dyes. This will result in having uneven colours and it will look tacky. Avoid being underprepared.

    When rinsing the hair, hold your hair extensions up and rinse down. This helps keep the extension neat and clean. You don't want to have to clean messy hair extensions after dyeing.

  • Drying Your Hair After Dyeing

  • Drying is as important as rinsing. Your hair extensions are still vulnerable at this point so you don't want to damage it. Be careful in drying and avoid heat styling. Some cheap hair extensions can get permanently damaged. You can air-dry your hair and use your fingers to comb through them. 

    This is because a brush can damage your hair extensions and loosen them. If you have a wide-tooth comb you can use that as well. The more gentle you are to your hair extensions, the better the results.

    Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions After Dyeing

    Coloured hair extensions can be sensitive especially when the wrong products are being used. You need to treat them the way that you would treat your real hair. You don't; want to damage them and you want them to be on their best quality all the time.

    Try to deep condition your hair extensions once a week so they don't lose their shine. Don't use harsh products on them. You should also avoid combing in an aggressive manner. Take note of this especially when you have curly hair extensions. This can also affect the quality of the extensions.

    Having gorgeous hair extensions is also like having invested in your own hair. There are affordable hair extensions and there are expensive ones. Dyeing your extensions is on the easy feat, but it is doable with the right products and experience. 

    Don't be afraid to ask for advice or seek professional help from salons. . You can also visit the Glamour Sisters in Sydney. Your extensions are a part of you. The more that you learn about your hair extensions, the better the results.